Thimble List

I spent part of my morning listening to Jennifer Louden discuss her newest book A Year of Daily Joy on a Spreecast. One thing she had us do was write a Thimble List (A Year of Daily Joy, page 138). Similar to a Bucket List, a Thimble List is a list of all of the thrilling things you want to experience often.

Currently on my Thimble List:

  1. Sitting on my porch, listening to good music, reading a good book and drinking an iced cold beer.
  2. Participating in (or even organizing) a photo walk.
  3. Panera Monday. Arriving at the Panera Bread closest to my job when they open so I can sip coffee and write uninterrupted in a different venue before it’s time for me to begin the work week. (*And if I take a job that doesn’t have a Panera close by, find a suitable coffee shop to write in)
  4. Sitting in my slider door and enticing the porch squirrels to sit on my lap and eat peanuts out of my hand.
  5. Go back to playing the clarinet.
  6. Writing
  7. Scrapbooking more.
  8. Retreat time.
  9. Cooking and meal preparation
  10. Learning something new and implementing it.
  11. Making a date with myself to spend one morning on a regular basis at the local art museum for inspiration, writing practice and people watching.

This list is going to change like the tides. It’s entirely mood dependent and right now those eleven things are the most appealing out of all of my choices. 6 months from now, it is entirely probable that at least half have been replaced by something different.

It’s mid January, so sitting on my porch is not going to be happening anytime soon, but Monday morning (weather permitting) I plan on starting my work week with Panera Monday. The others will happen when the time is right.

Now that you have been introduced to the concept (and in some cases Jennifer Louden), what thrills you? What will end up on your Thimble List?