Jeffrey Davis asked

What burning question of possibility will influence what & how you create these first 3 months?

I feel like I am standing in the heart of the flame and all I can see is the blues and whites of extreme heat. There is a whisper of orange and yellow from time to time, but all I see is the energy surrounding me. The flame is silent but so loud that I can feel my heartbeat rather than hear it. I’m cooking, being fired, incubating…

Possibility is writing the story on my soul. The main characters have been named, but the plot is nebulous and working itself out. I can afford patience. I’m taking tiny steps that even a month ago, I would not have believed myself capable of taking. For the first time ever, I referred to myself as an author. The world did not explode. I am still alive. There’s a peaceful acceptance in my heart now that I have claimed something I always thought myself unworthy of.


How Will I Live?

As part of  #Quest2015, Todd Henry asks “If you knew that your life’s story will be written based on your choices and actions inn 2015, how will you live?”

Deliberately. Seeking desire and paying careful attention to the whispers of my soul. The path of my journey is before me, waiting for my next step to fall upon it. I have no map, no street signs. My GPS is made of songs and memories and love. My steps are solitary but I am never alone. My years of sleep are over. It it time to take the dreams I’ve squirreled away and weave them into the warp of my  everyday extraordinary life.