Trust the Process!

I was working at a nursing school when one of the students asked me if someone had ever called me back to discuss the application process. I told her no, that I had left multiple messages and sent countless email, but heard nothing and was convinced that the person in question had given up and I would never hear from her. The student looked at me and said “She’s scared. When she realizes that this isn’t scary, she’ll call. Until then, we all have to Trust the Process.”

I immediately took the phrase for my own. In the beginning, it became a running joke with a colleague. Anytime something went south, we would smile slightly hysterically at each other and chant “Trust the process!” When one of us became depressed, we would remind each other to “Trust the process!” When I would have full blown anxiety attacks at work because the job had turned toxic, I would place sticky notes with “Trust the Process” all over my desk. And when I was let go because my position was eliminated in a budget cut, I vowed to “Trust the Process.”

I’m not going to lie to you. Trusting the Process is not easy. It is not without fear and anxiety. It requires constant practice and reminding. There have been many moments in the past six months that I’ve resented Trusting the Process. That I’ve had tantrums about Trusting the Process. That I’ve broken down and cried because I didn’t think I would survive Trusting the Process. That I’ve had too much beer in an attempt to forget about Trusting the Process.

And here I am, almost six months to the day after experiencing the first time being let go from anything in my entire career. I’m alive. I’m healthy. I’ve learned to listen to and value myself. I’m about to start working again. I’m throwing myself into new ventures. My world didn’t end. In fact, it’s reborn.

What is “Trusting the Process”? It’s faith on steroids. It’s firmly believing that you will always end up where you are meant to be.  It’s being able to look at negative outcomes you’ve experienced and know that you needed to experience it as part of your personal education. It’s having a belief system that lets you pick yourself up quicker than if you didn’t have it.

I’ve shared how Trusting the Process has integrated in my life. How does it show up in yours? Leave me a comment, I’d love to hear your experiences with Trusting the Process.


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