What if?

What if not getting a position or a contract is a good thing? What if it’s not stopping you from making a living but guiding you to the path you belong on to earn that living? What if?


2 thoughts on “What if?

  1. I loved your comment on the Bloggess’s site.

    I’ve often contemplated about how I’ve ended up where I am not only because of the things that worked out for me, but also the ones that didn’t. It’s never been easy for me to think this way in the moment of disappointment, but in time it becomes an interesting mental exercise.


  2. I agree with Tammy on the Prisoner comment. I just watched the movie the other day and can’t stop singing the songs. As for “What if?” I believe that is the healthiest attitude. I often think about how deluded and void of any back bone I was when I stayed with my ex, yet I have my daughter now who gave me a reason to live life fully and for me and her. Regrets are a waste of time.


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