How Will I Live?

As part of  #Quest2015, Todd Henry asks “If you knew that your life’s story will be written based on your choices and actions inn 2015, how will you live?”

Deliberately. Seeking desire and paying careful attention to the whispers of my soul. The path of my journey is before me, waiting for my next step to fall upon it. I have no map, no street signs. My GPS is made of songs and memories and love. My steps are solitary but I am never alone. My years of sleep are over. It it time to take the dreams I’ve squirreled away and weave them into the warp of my  everyday extraordinary life.



One thought on “How Will I Live?

  1. How will I live? Honestly. With Gratitude. With Awareness. Joy. Empathy. Compassion. I began my healthy and healing Path last year. A friend “saw” me and Guided me to the Quest. She will forever have my Gratitude. I found a Thanksgiving card awhile back and bought it for myself. I would like to share it with you. It says:
    “Live each day with so much joy and gratitude that you couldn’t imagine living it any other way”.


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